any companies have been forced to quickly move their entire workforce to a work from home model. This has presented both challenges and opportunities. Companies have to pivot quickly and get their employees ready for working from home, but also have the opportunity to set up work from home best practices and perhaps implement those policies going forward. 

However, this means that a lot of employees are suddenly using tools and technology they are not familiar with, without the familiarity of their office or the friendly faces of their colleagues to help them through. 

Fortunately, Sherweb offers a tool developed by Brainstorm to help everyone through these times: QuickHelp. 

Accelerate Microsoft 365 user adoption now, don’t wait to ask for a QuickHelp Demo

What is QuickHelp?

QuickHelp is a training tool that can help teach employees how to use and take full advantage of all the features in Office 365 and Microsoft 365 with the help of “skill paths” – training topics that you can assign to your team based on their abilities and needs.

Skill paths are more useful than traditional training and make learning easy. Most teams are composed of people with widely varying levels of technical ability – with skill paths you can assign only what each individual needs. Also, learning is easy with QuickHelp – videos are bite-sized, from 1-5 minutes long, and very easy to understand.

How QuickHelp works

QuickHelp is designed to help you skyrocket to success. Firstly, an administrator can assign skill paths to your team based on recommendations from a manager, the users themselves, or their own personal observations. Managers and administrators will then be able to monitor which employees have completed their skill path to ensure compliance.

And there is a lot of flexibility built in – you can upload your own training content as well as what is automatically provided. You can even connect your Office 365 account to QuickHelp to get valuable usage statistics to guide you on formulating a customized training plan for your employees.

A path to success in trying times

All of this sounds great, but what are the best skill paths for this particular time in history – the time of remote work? How can you help your employees rise to new levels of productivity at home? QuickHelp has many skill paths that are designed just for remote work, under three main categories.

Personal productivity while being remote

This skill path concentrates on helping employees maximize their own productivity while working from home. It will teach users how to better use tools to get their work done faster and more efficiently, saving them time and saving you resources. There are eight sub-categories under this main category.

Managing risk by enabling remote work

Obviously, all of us who are working remote right now are doing so in order to manage risks. Learn more about how enabling remote work can help you manage the risk to your business during these difficult times.

Manage Interruptions

Many of your team members will be facing unprecedented challenges while working from home – acting as caregivers to young children or the elderly, having their roommate or partner around at all hours, sharing space with others who all have to instantly set up remote work in one small living area, or even just learning how to manage the temptation to grab that video game controller when things are slow. This skill path will help your employees manage these interruptions to be as productive as they can during working hours.

Craft a Personal Workspace in Microsoft Teams

Making a personal workspace in Microsoft Teams is a little-known feature that can be utilized to make working more efficient. 

OneNote for Windows 10

OneNote is an amazing note-taking tool that can help employees store information and stay organized and on task. This training will help your team learn to use these useful features.

Manage your Personal Permissions

Keeping things organized and ensuring that only certain applications have access to certain things will be essential to your employees’ new workflow. Make sure they know how to customize everything to what works best for them with this training.

Use Microsoft Teams as your phone

Now that your workforce is without “desk phones,” some of them may be struggling to learn how to communicate online. However, Teams can be used to fully replace the “desk phone”! This training will help them learn how.

Meet OneDrive

OneDrive is a great remote tool for sharing and saving documents. Help introduce your employees to this valuable resource.

Keep Collaborating while Remote

One of the biggest concerns about working from home is potentially losing the ability to collaborate with your peers, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Modern communication allows us to collaborate even from a distance. 

7 Ways Microsoft Teams allows you to communicate better than Outlook

Many employees find working with only more traditional tools like email to be very constricting when they become a remote worker. This training allows them to learn how to communicate with Microsoft Teams, which can be much more collaborative.

Improve International and Asynchronous Collaboration

This general training on collaboration can pass on some helpful tips and tricks for remote communication with peers.

Working with a Global Team

Adding in a global team can provide yet another level of complication – time zones, cultural differences, and more. Help your team navigate these challenges successfully.

Access and Share Files on the Go

Help your team learn to better access and share files within Office 365 with this training.

Meet Microsoft Teams

This intro to Teams training can help your employees learn to use this valuable communication tool.

Meet Planner

Planner can help your employees plan out their schedules and their day in a way that makes the most sense for them.

Supporting your Organization

Team leads need to support their teams now more than ever. These two trainings can help team leads in specific situations better support their teammates and direct reports.

  • Manage your Team as a Team Owner
  • How can I support my Help Desk? (For General End Users)

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Using QuickHelp can help your organization save time and money. Just one skill path can save each employee an average of 18 minutes per week and at least one help desk call per person. Live events save users one hour per week on average.

Enabling your employees to get the knowledge they need in an easy and efficient manner is beneficial to everyone in the company. Contact Sherweb today to see how to leverage this valuable tool for your company.