As a long-time cloud provider, Sherweb realizes the concerns you may have had with trusting a third-party hosting provider like us with your data migration.

While many others also claim to be the best at servicing their clients, we truly live up to that promise at Sherweb.

We believe our partners made the right choice when they decided to work with us. With the constantly changing business environment we live in, our passion for serving you grows even stronger.

Not only do we offer the best overall value with our technical knowledge, but our customer-centric approach, proven infrastructure, and flexible plans are also a part of a culture where customers come first.

See your feedback in action with our partner portal integrations

Transforming our business model from transactional to consultative has helped us understand our partners’ needs and stand at our partners’ side for a truly symbiotic relationship that ensures a successful business journey for all our stakeholders.

This means your voice matters to us.

And that’s where UserVoice comes in.

With UserVoice, we interact with our partners and measure their feedback for our services. Not only can our partners make suggestions for new features and vote on others, but UserVoice also enables us to prioritize your concerns and develop our services further.

With UserVoice, we aim to engage our partners and service them better.

UserVoice initiatives that enhance the Sherweb partner experience

The features you see below are some of the result of our partners’ initiatives to enhance the Sherweb experience. These ideas came through UserVoice; since then, these ideas are helping all our partners serve their clients better.

PSA Integration

Sherweb uses PSA (Professional Services Automation) software to manage our personnel and equipment for your projects. From ticketing, billing estimates and invoices, to marketing and reporting – PSA integrates and syncs the available data to ensure a stellar customer experience for your clientele.

Our integration lets our partners simplify billing through centralized platforms. Streamline your financial processes by syncing with Sherweb prices and offers.

To help our partners keep abreast of new developments, we use PSA to access the most up-to-date information – anytime, anywhere. Through our centralized system, we process your sensitive data most securely.


Cybersecurity is one of the most highlighted topics in the MSP arena. At Sherweb, safeguarding our partners’ data assets remain our foremost responsibility. As we continue to find ways to improve your experience, we implement MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to secure your confidential data.

MFA is an added security measure we use to authenticate access to your sensitive data. In addition to passwords, MFA requires your personal information, such as your phone or any other MFA device – which generates a token so you can gain access to your resources.

Open API

Sherweb uses Open API (Application Programming Interface) to allow our partners to integrate their platforms to our portal with ease almost instantly.

Consequently, we aim to simplify future integrations into the Sherweb portal with other products – so you never have to worry about complicated solutions, and can focus on helping your business weather the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, the UserVoice API enables us to produce custom integrations for some partners that require specialized integration processes. With open API, Sherweb opens the door to our end-user portal, so that our partners’ clients can complete their own specific tasks.

How UserVoice feedback works

With UserVoice, Sherweb captures, tracks, and organizes the feedback we receive from our partners to build a service that scales with your needs.

UserVoice site

UserVoice works like a mood board, where our partners can up-vote and prioritize ideas to reflect our partners’ needs better. Our partners can submit feedback via the Sherweb Feedback Page, or they can submit ideas through the partner portal.

We regularly update our partners on the progress of their ideas and the changing status of their subscriptions. This ensures greater transparency and awareness of project status.

With the aggregate data we collect through UserVoice, Sherweb can also reach out to our partners to better understand their needs and feature requests – and how Sherweb can fulfill them with the utmost precision. Rest assured, we hear your concerns during this time and are working to implement the functionality you need.

Collect feedback across your customer base from end-users directly and through your sales, support, and internal teams who talk with customers every day.


Sherweb uses NPS (Net Promoter Score) to survey our partners’ needs regularly so we can keep improving our service. By identifying problem areas, Sherweb can quickly correct them and identify services our customers like – so we can continue fulfilling your needs.

NPS is a metric based on customer feedback to ensure our service is up to the highest standards. How are the scores measured? NPS scores are measured from single question surveys, reporting a number from -100 to +100.

A higher score indicates that our partners are satisfied with our services and thus is more desirable. Respondents rate our offerings on a scale of 0 to 10 in these three categories:

1.     Promoters

A score of either nine or ten lets us know that our partners affirm that our services meet their quality standards and are satisfied with our work.

2.     Passives

When our partners respond with a score of seven or eight, we surmise that you are content with our services, but there’s still more we can do to better your experience.

3.     Detractors

When Sherweb sees partners responding with scores between zero to six, we realize something is wrong and that you’re unhappy with us. Not only do we do our best to remedy the situation, but we also assess where we may have gone wrong and work to improve the Sherweb experience for you.

Final Thoughts

With the COVID-19 situation impacting businesses, Sherweb understands the confusion your clients are experiencing – and the pressure it can put on your business.

The Sherweb team always has your best interest in mind as we look for better and smarter ways to support our partners – and it all starts when you come forward and tell us what troubles your business.

As we strive to incorporate new initiatives to improve your Sherweb experience, we rely on you to guide us on how we can serve you better.

Contact Media Hosting experts today for more information on how we service our partners so that they can fulfill their client’s needs.